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Monday, June 28, 2010

Operation Red Wings

Operation Red Wings - A tribute WOD today. Please, if you are visiting, read this about this amazing story.

I dedicated this workout today to my Uncle Pete ;-). A Navy man himself and underwater diver pre-SEAL days.

Insertion (fast rope):
30 burpees
rest 2 minutes

Move to Set-up (4 miles mountain climb):
Four rounds:
Run 400 meters
20 walking lunge
20 pull-ups
rest 2 minutes

Relocate (1,000 yards in 1 hour):
Run 800 meters
rest 2 minutes

Soft Compromise:
8 minutes of plank holds
rest 2 minutes

Contact (Battle for Murphy’s Ridge with enemy combatants):
30 clean and jerk (155/95) - 85# for me today
Time - 44:10

Escape and Evade (The Lone Survivor):
Run or Row until 10 minutes of class remain.

10 minutes of stretching/cool down/contemplation of personal patriotism

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