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Friday, November 19, 2010

HSPU Progression Training

Handstand Pushups Progression
Intent: Increase volume under significant load, increase range of motion.

Plan: Do these as pre/post-WOD work, not to be done on days when the WOD calls for HSPU or significant pushing movements (ring dips, muscle ups, bench, pushups, press, push press, push jerk) or if still recovering from a WOD with significant pushing. All three days shouldn’t be done in less than a week of time.

Scaling: This progression should be good for everybody in the meaty part of the curve. People with significant upperbody weakness or folks that have a good amount of HSPU already will need to scale down/up.

Day 1
Death by Handstand Pushups (scaled to DB Press).
  • Select a fairly heavy weight, you shouldn’t be able to get more than 6 rounds your first time through.
  • Do one DB Press the first minute, two the second, three the third, etc.
  • Keep track of rounds + additional reps.
Day 2
  • 3-5 sets x 30 seconds, Handstand Hold
Day 3
  • 3-5 sets x 5, Negative Handstand Pushups to greater depth.
I usually do two 45lbs plates with an abmat in between (to cushion hitting my head more than anything).

HSPU Progression:
  • Current number of max set HSPU (non-kipping, hands just outside shoulders)
  • If this doesn’t apply, max single set of DB Press at 55 lbs for guys, 35 lbs for gals (or a “heavy” weight scaled to your level). You can rest the weights on your shoulders, but don’t put them down.
 Let's give it a go! Thanks Brian PCF~


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