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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Swing in the New Year!

January 2011 Challenge
10,000 Kettlebell Swings in 31 Days
Swing it!

That's 324 (ish) swings a day for me. Outside of my normal workouts.

There are no rules, per se, but here are some suggested guidelines for the 10,000 KB swing challenge:

If doing 10,000 swings feels impossible, then set your goal of reaching 1,000 swings, then 2,000, etc. Before long, you will be at 10,000!

Use whatever size kettlebell that you want to use. Be smart with your weight.

Shake it up with all types of swings and incorporate other ballistic movements (exchange 2 cleans for 1 swing; 1 double clean for 1 swing; 1 snatch for 2 swings, etc.).

Challenge yourself but listen to your body.

Do your swings whenever you want - morning, afternoon, evening - you can break up your swing sets throughout the day, if you like.

Rep scheme:
Do what works best for you. I provide these reps schemes as a guide or just to give you some place to start After only one week into this challenge you will know what works best for you. I personally liked sets of 25, 30 or 50. This made it easy to keep up with all the reps. As I mentioned before, I focused on 100 at a time. While I did my set I wouldn’t count to 25. I counted to 10 two times and then 5. It was easier to get through the sets toward the end if I only had 10 or 5 reps to do at a time, mentally.

Combine one arm and two arm swings in one set. 10/10 x 2= 40 swings then 10 two arm swings as a finisher. You get 50 reps in before you know it.

Swing ladders with multiple size bells are also a great way to get a lot of reps done in one set. For example; 44lb bell x 10, 35lb bell x 15 and a 26lb bell x 25 = 50 reps in one set.

Swing ladder using one size bell. 10, 15, 20, 25 = 70 reps in one set. You do 10 reps with a small break (10-15 seconds), and then do 15 reps with another small break, etc.

Play around with it and come up with some reps schemes of your own. Be sure to share when you come up with something good

Have fun!

BTW My favorite KB Guy
 http://www.kbinstructor.com/ - Great resource for "How To" on all your favorite or soon to be favorite KB movements~

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