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Monday, August 22, 2011

Get Training

Coached CFRV all morning! Love my peeps ;).

Warm up: Dynamic exercises, 50 yds each. High knees, Butt kickers, Side shuffle each way, Skip, Inchworm.

603 PTP:
  • Warm up sets, always included 5-5-5, 60-70-80% of lifts
  • Deadlift  160x5, 145x5
  • Press 55x5, 50x5
  • 30 Wall Ball 14#
  • 30 Power Snatch 55# (scaled from Squat Snatch due to endurance training tonight)
12:47 - Good fun! Taking out the squat made it fly by I am sure.

Boxing drills:
3 x 3 Combo, Kicks and Blocks
Jump rope

Durability: 100 4ct Flutter kicks

CFE Cycle training

3 Hours post workout
Tabata - yikes, first time with tabata on a bike ;) going to feel that. Thank goodness I powered today instead of squat snatched.

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