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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Almost There...

Woke up feeling pretty good. Now if only I didn't have this event in a few days...

3rd day of Cleanse. I really needed it. Not sure what was circulating but it was dragging me down. Now I am just tired from the cleansing aspect of it all. Today I feel it the most, but kicking something out, so not willing to taper it off until tomorrow. Energy is steady and I am a bit tired this afternoon. I will take Sunday in stride and really enjoy the event itself.

Day 5
Brick today
Ride 20 minutes in the trails, immediately
Run 10 minutes

Swim 500 yds easy, arms a bit heavy with site breathing.

Gear testing well today. Should make transition simple. Will wear the tri shorts on the swim and just go from there on this one. No wetsuit, seems too much. Couldn't find a decent tri top, so Terry had one that should be good for run and ride, not sure about the swim yet. One more time.

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