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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Celebration of Life

This event is dedicated to my lovely mother  
Jacqueline Keener 
6/12/1944 ~ 4/5/2011

Early wake up call! Today was triathlon day. Really?! Whose idea was this again? Not feeling prepared but knowing the distance would be fine. Now it was a matter of better than my first time out. Only a few differences between the two events.

Luna Bar Womens Tri .5s, 16m/b, 3m/r - flat. 1:57.35

Celebration of Life .5s, 11m/b, 3m/r - lotsa hills 1:41.01

Swim suit on.
Bike in the truck.
Running shoes in the transition bag.

All things considered...I was ready! Not sure how it would all go, but...I had my Picky Bar, Honey Stinger energy chews and water. I would make it and NOT run out of gas ;).

Swim .5 Mile
Bike 11 miles (yep, hilly, oh no Mr. Bill!)
Run 3 miles (more hills)

It was really a beautiful course. The lake was lovely, I stopped a couple of times to look around. Clear out my goggles so that I could actually see and reposition my direction. Site breathing wasn't doing the trick on this one. A few bruises from the underwater too close to me swimmers, but really was much better than last time around.

Well, though my bib did not read at the finish, I was fortunately singing away (play that funky music) with a gal whose bib # I remembered and figured it out from there. I seem to be in 2 out of 3 pictures for the events, so there is evidence ;).

Would love much more time on my bike. I really felt where I could improve my limited knowledge of hill riding and getting out of the only 6 gears I used. Looking forward to some actual training and next year!

Cramping up on the last 1/2 mile of the run. Note to self...more water on the ride. This was the hardest part for me. I was in this one for my mom. Just lost in my head.

The girls did great and we had a blast. Hope we get to start all around the same next time too. Thankful for the CFE training. Have a few things that I will do differently next time around.

3x15 KB Swing
3x15 Sit up
3x15 Good morning PVC
No other equipment

Pre-race stats: 128.4 (a little too low)
BF 17.9
LM 101

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