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Friday, September 30, 2011

A Good 'Clean' Day

Have needed some down time. Few simple workouts this week. Today is a good day!

WM: Run 2x200 in the new spot. Not bad. Dislocates.

Buy-in: MyMadMethods KB

A1: Pull ups 3 sets of 10, R10 - do all 3 sets
B1:Clean & Press (dbl) 2x8 @20# each - do as a 2 RND circuit
B2: Front Squat (dbl) 2-8@20#each
C1: Snatch L: 12kg 6x20 seconds on 10 off
C2: Jump rope 6x20 on 10 off
C3: Snatch R: 12 kg 6x20 seconds on 10 off

Likey :)

CFRV WOD (Wednesday's)
3 Power Clean @95 (Rx105) first time back to this kind of weight in two weeks going smart
20 Burpees

Yeah. I miss this.

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