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Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Meeting?!

Missed the CFRV WOD, too many meetings for too long. Tired by the time I came back up the hill. Rest a bit, refuel.

WM: Jump rope 1 minute, Plank 1 minute x3

PM today, Nice programming MyMadMethods
  • A1: Front Squat (dbl) @20#, 4x5 reps - do all sets together R15
  • B1: Pull up 2x10
  • B2: Clean & Press (dbl) @20#, 2x10 reps - do B as a 2 RND circuit, R 60 seconds
  • C1: Alt Swing @16kg,  3x10 reps each side
  • C2: Ball slam 14# dynamax 3x15 reps
  • C3: Burpees, yeah! 3x15 reps
  • Figure 8 to Hold @16kg, 3x10 reps each side - do C as a 3 RND circuit
I love this feeling of a good hard work sweat. Beautiful,

Stats check in:
Hydration a bit low.

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