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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ma'am Was I Hit By A Truck?

Actually felt good in the morning.
Had a massage...all circulating complexes were LET LOOSE!
Thought this would be a treat. She thought I needed 90 minutes.
I really need to recover before I head back to Xfit for a beating.

Head down to the office CFRV to pick up some computer equipment.

Just no way I was up for Fran, especially after a massage.
I thought light Fran would be fun, but my hips said otherwise.

3x15 KB Swing
3x15 GHD
3x15 Pull up
Done, just done.

By late afternoon I was a zombie. I forgot that I was 'playing' with push up variations and my chest was tender to the touch. Wide, deep, traveling, diamond, military...fun, but likely not great timing. The therapist put only slight pressure and I was through the roof. Breathe.

Time to rest, early to bed.

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