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Monday, September 26, 2011

Rinse and Repeat

Buy-in: Dislocates, Joint Mobility

KB DBL Workout
@ CoolFit

3x5 Backsquats 65#/95#/125
Been awhile, felt like I needed to warm up with these.
6 Front Squat (20#x2)
10 Walking lunges (20#x2)
20 Power swings
8 Halo squats
8 Deck squats
10 Jump squat
8 Deadlift 95#
10 Split jumps

Yesterday's conditioning
All movements performed for 60 seconds

Around the world 35#
Plank complex (15 seconds frnt, bk, side/side)
Weiski (10 reps)
Figure 8
Sit up
Weiski (10 reps)
Great workout! Love the KB's and really enjoying these DBL bell wods.

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