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Friday, September 9, 2011

Warning Will Robinson

I am damn tired. Not, can't get up in the morning and function, but it is like my cells are getting ready for mutiny. Have I missed the boat?

No 603 PTP today. Will resume schedule but just feel like I need to be listening.

Tri Run 5k
Post run thoughts...likely shouldn't have. Heavy heavy legs. Not enough sweat. Hmmm, mineral check.

Really wanted to CFRV WOD, but already ran and that kinda takes away from the programming. Instead ran a shorty bell workout after more painting.

Complete 6 rounds:
You have 90 seconds max to complete the following...

Air Squats - 20
Russian Swings - 20 16kg/35#

*Rest 90 seconds between rounds.

More re-feeding. I actually have added in some protein based bars. Crud. FGB is tomorrow and I feel like I might not have enough juice. ;(.

I really have not felt like I have overdone it. Just take it one day at a time here...taper is straight ahead.

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