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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Are We There Yet?

Buy-in: Dislocates & rotational dislocates 5/5/5 push/pull/squat x3, Spidermans

KB Sept Challenge
4 minutes Bottoms up Clean & Press

603 PTP
  • Deadlift (wm3x3) 180x3, 160x5
  • Press (wm3x3) 55x3, 50x5
CFE Bike
12 x 1/4M (400m), rest 1:00

I do love my bike. We are getting reaquainted ;)~

Went to the pool twice today attempting to swim. First time, forgot goggles and towel. Could have gotten in but eh...could also hit it on my way back from the bike trail. Second time, so many kids, just not an option. So...tomorrow will enjoy the schedule and swim ;).

Primarily Paleo
Fantastic omlette at Venita Rhea's #5 lots of veggies hold the cheese and swap out eggplant for turkey. Plenty leftover for quick breakfast in the am. Grapefruit juice.

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