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Friday, October 7, 2011

All Methods

The outcome is what counts. 

To say that one type of training is functional and the other is not is to miss the definition of the word in the first place.  

All methods are just tools in a toolbox. 
True mastery is understanding which tools to use at the right time.~MMM


Ah yes. True mastery...after 3 great CrossFit days and a nice day of rest, shaking things up a bit.

Zecher Squat - this was a new one. After reviewing form and warm up - 3, 3, 3 - 65/85/95
Similar to a front squat but not being in the racked position was awkward.  I am guessing the resting position for the bar is somewhat key and certainly felt the weight there. Need to check on that.

Wkt 1 - all work done with Dbl 12kg (where noted) or single 12kg

A: Clean & Press Dbl 4 x 5reps R 30 sec between sets
R 90 seconds
Circuit of 2 RNDS
B1: Front Squat Dbl 2 x 8 - felt Christine's deads & jumps on this one
B2: Pull up - not so much kip really working on dead-hang for these
R 90
Circuit of 3 RNDS 30 seconds each movement
C1: Snatch L 3 x 30 seconds
C2: Swing 1-arm 3 x 30

C3: Clean L 3 x 30
C4: Plank
C5: Snatch R 3 x 30
C6: Swing 1-arm 3 x 30
C7: Clean R 3 x 30

That was intense! Fatigue set in in the second round of the C circuit. I really had to find my breath and use it to keep the integrity of the snatches and punch out in the swing.


Bench Boosters
Keeping in play with the Powerlifting Program it has been 72 hours and I ran through the following:
Bench press w/3 grips @60% Floor Press weight roughly, it was suppose to be 40%, oh well!
9 sets of 3 @65# - focus on fast, explosive movement

To keep things in the functional range for my 'method' of training and philosophy, here is how I subbed the program structure with the KB's above:

Dumbell Bench - Clean & Press perfect weight for reps, hard
Tricep Barbell Press - Snatch R/L, intensity satisfies load progression
Tricep pushdown - Swing 1-arm combo, punch out and push down from top

Lat work - Pull ups
Hammer curls - Cleans

Very satisfied with the crossover ;).

Cash-out: 3 x 3 minutes of Jump rope

CIM Training - CFE thank you thank you
Run 2x 1M R 4:00 between

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