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Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Pi

Great workout today ;), really nice.

Warm up: Range of Motion, PVC Pass Thru, OHSquats

Strength: Wendler program
Backsquats 5/5/5+
65%/75%/85% 1RM
110/130/150 for 10reps

21 Squat snatch 45#
21 C2B Pull ups

17:37 hoa! First round made it almost unbroken, then...broken, sweaty and I really needed to control my breathing. Too fast out the gate. The squat was good, very good. I am guessing that the work should have been between 15-20 minutes so I feel that I loaded properly. Going heavier would have really changed it. Shoulder felt good and form felt very good. Happy ;).

50 2 ct. Flutter kicks
50 Mtn climbers

KB Skill:
1 arm swings 24kg 10
5 each side Cleans 20kg

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