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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Freedom Gone Bad

The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. 
And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission. 
~John F. Kennedy

What a great morning! Surrounded by friends old and new. Together for the same purpose.

International Justice Mission - check them out.

CFRV Special WOD
Freedom Gone Bad

Fight Gone Bad style
3 Rounds
Perform each movement for 1 minute each, then rotate immediately to the next station.

The set up was great. We had multiple lanes and multiple heats. Very well done!
  • Box jumps 20"
  • Power cleans 65#
  • Burpee to plate
  • Push press 55#
  • Row measure calories
220 total

This one actually took my breath away post workout. 4 days into Keto and I think I am feeling it. Transition body, transition. Recovery took a little longer than usual. Work felt good. Should have kept my round count to measure.

I was only at medium intensity which felt great and I was still spent. Goal was to keep moving through each station, not max out on reps and have to break. Shoulder really sore this morning. I actually thought I might hang with the girls (Sheryl, Machelle and Lindsey) and watch all the action. But...I couldn't ;).

So, off I went in heat 2, lane 2, Rx. The flow was nice, easy to transition. I only ran in to two issues. Second round the gal from lane 3 ended up on my push press bar and after 10 seconds of everyone telling her she was in the wrong place, while she was a bit disoriented and tired, I headed over to her spot, then rather than let me finish, everyone had me come back to my bar and the flow was way off on that round. I think once she picked up the Rx bar she was ready to head back anyway ;). She was a cutie! My next blooper was that I had reset and started rowing on the second round again and someone decided they needed to reset the rower! 2 cals down, shoot! So, I likely lost 8 or 9 reps in the overall, burpees, well damn I was tired on that one, couldn't do anything different, goal just keep moving and uh, no excuses, haha.  Enough to put me in the top 5, it would have been nice to finish it up in a good flow but, not the reason I was there ;).

Everyone did so well from CFRV, they worked hard and had fun and what a team we have. Just a stellar group of people.

Really enjoyed the whole experience ;) and while I am really trying to stay away from causes...I truly felt this one was worth it.

MacroNutrient ratio

Kept the hydration up but would have preferred tea over water. Will be prepared next time.
Treated myself to 1/3 of a Dagoba bar and a banana w/a little nut butter yum! Earned!

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