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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oh Crup!

All best intentions. Seeing Fran on the calendar today was pretty cool! Rush, rush, rush, get down the darn hill. Late, not a good warm and a bit sore from 100 pulls ups yesterday. Not a good recipe for Fran. Took a couple of thruster warm ups @35# and after only 5 I felt the band across my deltoid stressed. Crap.

Quick, adapt. Okay, mobility day. Good, because I made the darn trip down the hill! All errands aside, they could have waited until Saturday. We'll see how tomorrow goes. Maybe this is a sign...rest a couple of days.

Mobility WOD

Shoulder Range
Shoulder Mobility
Shoulder What to fix first

CFEndurance - Recovery WOD

Strength & Conditioning Recovery:

3 sets of:
  • GHD Sit ups, 15 reps (extend knees aggressively)
  • GHD Hip Extensions, 15 reps
  • KB/DB Swings, 35# Russian Power Swing 15 reps
  • Bench Press, 65#, um, love my new wrist wraps ;) 15 reps
  • Pull ups (butterfly form, did not bother the arm at all), 15 reps
 Remember, this is a recovery tool and is not a timed workout.

Okay, rest it. Right lateral deltoid  feels very warm and a little tension. Compression seems like a good option until I can get in somewhere.

Adding a few more carbs today, been 40 or under for the last week. Feel good, good energy, able to keep active and work well, haven't done too much with weight in workouts other than KB's and those feel solid, but wondering if it is hindering a little bit in recovery.

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