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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Buds for Fun

A buddy will keep you honest and add a dimension of fun to your workout. ~Bill Toomey

7 @12kg

Feeling a bit fatigued from yesterdays work. I think that this is the right combo for today's TGU. Amnesty day on the horizon but not quite yet!

6 RNDS (3RNDS each person)
In teams of two. While one partner works the other holds KB (8kg x2) overhead. If they drop the DB there is a 3 burpee penalty and the team resumes the workout in the place where they left off.

10 lateral jumps - we used sandbags
15 KB OHswings 16kg
20 Sit ups (should be KTE, but no bar option)

One penalty in the last round. Fun work. My partner is new to the intensity and she did such a great job! Just goes to show you that you can scale and athletes of different skill level can still work together ;)!

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