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Friday, December 16, 2011

Countdown to CHRISTmas

A good conscience is a continual Christmas. ~Benjamin Franklin

Friday Musings - Folly
To row or not to row. 
5000m a day seems like quite a bit of volume over these last 9 days. 
Is it a good idea? How am I feeling about it? Why am I doing it?

Well, yes, it is a good idea and I am in. 

9 days left and I am feeling good about it. Not in love with it at times honestly, but the purpose is threefold:
  1. Encourage - Show others that there is worth in exploring the benefits of rowing. From warming up to the work out to cooling down. The body benefits from rowing.
  2. Learn - Become a more proficient rower myself.  and 
  3. Give - Donate with sweat equity, not just writing a check but action, the Concept 2 Holiday Challenge. Every year I like to make a donation to a charitable cause. In CrossFit we do hero workouts to honor the courage, effort and sacrifice that our warriors have given. This offers the chance for both however my level of effort will reflect the donation amount.
So, if I am not in danger of injury, dehydration or exhaustion, cross training can take a short back seat to this distance. I am forced to take time to stretch and really check in with myself from row to skills to work. I will spend this time focusing on strength work (Westside Barbell style), skills work (my goats and those things that might show up in an open workout) and hold back on the metcons (just enjoy some super shorties to support not deplete) for a bit.  All is well and as it should be. 

I have certainly learned a lot about my threshold, speed, power, control. Now finish the meters, rest between Christmas and the New Year and use those transferable skills ;)

DE - Deadlifts
30 second rest between sets

5x3 20X1 - scaled to 1 yoga block

1 Arm KB Swing 
4x5 @ 53#/24kg


5 KB OHSwing @44#/20kg
10 Hand Release Push ups
20 second L sit (accumulated to 60 seconds)

3+ hour break ;)

Using today's getups as warmup for the row ;). Cool!
4x4 R/L @18lb/8kg


1500, R, 1250, R, 1000, R, 750, R, 500, R, 252

Kids are finally on school break! Fun, fun, fun ~

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