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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ho Ho Row!

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. 
~ Jim Rohn

I can't believe it is over.

While I am not anxious to hop back on the C2, it is bittersweet. I know that I will not continue rowing at this volume, but I will make more of an effort to row more than I did prior to the challenge. I am thrilled, excited to hit the mark!

Post holiday feasting and family, I have a regular date with the dry sauna, foam roller and yoga ;). Rest and recovery, little to no metcons this week and continue with the strength program. Rest, recover and rehydrate. Make no mistake, I am tired ;) but happy.

It is interesting when you are working toward a goal how many people try to impose their own on you instead of just being supportive or even understanding why you have made this choice. I find myself surprised where my support came from during challenge and holiday season. I am incredibly thankful for the encouragement, caring and kick in the butt when needed.

A huge thanks to Ted Hawkins @ CrossFit Benchmark for coaching me through some big points of performance!

The question: CrossFit Rowing - We feel your pain. What do you think is the hardest part of rowing?

The answer: Paul Buchanan said every word I was thinking.

The point when the 'handle down demons' are in full chorus, chanting inside your head -
  • "you started to fast - you just can't last"
  • "stop now and do it another day when you're feeling fresh"
  • "who do you think you are - you're no good"
  • "say you got a cramp/pulled a muscle/the wind changed and stop"
  • "your hurting now and it's only going to get a lot worse"
But equally this is the best part for when you drive on with the tired legs, force the weary arms to pull, strive to keep the back levering through the exhaustion, the heart is thumping it's way through your chest, every breath is like a gasp as you slowly drown but then you get to the 0 on the screen - at that point it's all worth it - you've slain the demons - conquered the forces of darkness - you are the victor and with it you relish in your delight! Well, once you are able to get off the floor ;o)

Bench DE

24 - 12kg

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