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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back to the Beginning

Yep Wendler.

Wish I would just max rep so that I can move on from this sequence. Feels like a bad menu plan. On that note: I did have a good lift day ;). Maybe because I am in de-load week and it feels like I have been here before, but it still felt good and yes, I should be going heavier. Coming up. I can be patient and learn here.

Super appropriate post for me today. Enjoy the read.
What's My 1-Rep Max?

5/5/5 LOVE the new app. Super easy to use, helpful to keep the flow going.
Warm-up 45/50/55 - Working 60/65/11@75

Warm-up 65/75/90 Working 95/110/12@125

Assist work:
3x10 pull ups
3x5 snatch each side
2x5 french press w/bar

2x10 Bulgarian split squat w/Dbl KBs
2x5 KB Clean & Press each side
2x5 SDHP w/KB

No metcon after yesterdays work.

I dedicated my work today to a member of the community who unexpectedly died of a heart attack on Monday. A real great guy who leaves behind his wife and son. He was always gregarious and I enjoyed the time that I was able to know him. Many blessings Grant ~

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