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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh Core & More

Good warm up
:30 partner tug-o-war
:30 partner shoulder push
:30 Toe touch
100 single under mash (Buddy Lee style: straddle, forward back, etc.)

Skill work:
Ladder Drills - very nice!

100 Rep Burpee Challenge
AFAP 100 Burpees

Wow! Felt great.  Didn't stop. Nice out the gate pace. @50 I was feeling a bit winded, but the change in my training must be making a big difference in recovery. I am sure that this is my fastest time, but not by too much. Think I was in the 6 minute range the last time, but I cannot find the data ;(


100 Medball Good Mornings
100 Abmat sit ups bfly
100 Dying bugs - I think I got these but they are hardy

Broken into 5 sets of 20 each. This was definitely tough. Not harder than the workout but definately work!

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