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Friday, April 13, 2012

Finally Friday

Long week, glad it is over. Finish it out with some fatigue and enjoy the weekend.

Double Unders
10 minutes practice

1 minute rounds for max time:
  • 90 degree air squat - easy day
  • L sit hold - knees still bent
  • Ring row top position - pinch @ top, 3rd rnd tough
  • Wall Handstand - great ;)
  • Chin over the bar - super fatigue in biceps, used both grips
Notes: hold each position for as much of the minute as possible.  If you fail before the minute expires, you may resume as soon as able.

Rest 1 minute after completing all stations and repeat 3 times.

Power cleans
5@95#, 3@100#, 1@105#

Deadlift DE
3reps x 10 sets @ 105# on the minute

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