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Friday, July 6, 2012

Stick to the Plan, Man

Back to basics ... stick to the plan. Kinda ;). I love the KB assist work on strength day.

StrongLifts A 5x5
Squat 100
Bench 75
Bent Row 85

4 RNDs
18kg DBLs

Feeling very tired today. Fasting day. Happy but not so happy, rather have stayed home for a nap. However, after getting in and a little warm up, the lifts felt good, still at 1minute between sets.

Thought I would get in some interval row work, but, just couldn't find it.

Next week I am going to add in the CrossFit Endurance Skill Based Running - 6 week Turnover/Cadence Template. It will fit right in after warm up or post assist work. Always can work on running skill and I just don't feel that I am as efficient as I should be by now. So ... woven into the plan works wonderfully!

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