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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Smokin' Gun

Yep, I am getting one of these pics. Now to recruit hubby so I can change it out!

Cash-in: 1 round
Warm is warm ;) - changed up the warm up a little! Added in a little 4HB.

15 hollow rock (5 roll in a ball, 5 legs semi-straight, 5 leg straight)
10 squat jump
10 slow roll-up/down
10 TRX pistol each side
10 feet together knees together squat
15 Myotatic crunch
10 Cat vomit
10 tuck jump

It needs work, taking the time is important, don't just wing it, simple but not easy. Based on The Master Class and Carl's presentation, this is one of the main elements to master. Just do it. It is all coming out of the core and stabilization. 

I so enjoy the KBs, now ... where to add them in weekly is the hard part. It seems that a little work on Sunday always hits spot and doesn't feel like I am hitting any OT. Just feels good.

1 minute of each 4 rounds = 24minute

TRX Pistol R/L - hit at least 20 total
Alternating swings - 20 total
Deck squat to a hand stand - 10
Russian twist to a v-up - 20 each side
Alternating bottom up press from the ground - 10 each side
4 count jumping jack/ 4 count over head jumping lunge - 20 total

Mobility WOD:
Yeah baby! So much for a trip to Marin Headlands today. Unfortunately, just not in the cards to hit a full day trip with so much to do. However, in one hour ... I can get some work done and still have time for the rest of the weekend craze.

10 minutes of pistol mobility work, thanks Carl!

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