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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Catch Up Please!

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths. 
~ Etty Hillesum 

Back on posting track.  Ahhh the joys of rural living ;)! Hey, at least the work is getting done and enjoyed!

Great, big fun today! Wednesday has become one of my favorite 'treat myself to a KB workout' day of the week. 


... and thanks to BUDDBELLS and the Encinitas based studio Physyks, I am never left without excellent workout options. Even on the heels of yesterdays max effort lifts, today felt fantastic.

5 Dead Hang Pull ups
25 air Squats - just to be clear on squats ;), air
25 GHD sit ups
25 Cossack squats
1 RND Cat Vomit (thx again Tim)
5 Janda sit ups

Pistols - just get low and controlled (right, Carl!)

10 Pull up
10 Sit ups (little variation from the board here - was suppose to be a partner wod)
20 OHSwings (16kg)
20 TRX pistols
20 Thrusters (45# Bbell)
20 sec Hand stand hold
10 Weiski (8kg) - might see evidence of these ... a bump here or there
10 Side plank active hip /weight

14:42 - thank goodness! for a short one that was a long one.

Happy Ending 
1 mile barbell carry (45#) - yes, my community thinks I am a nut-job ... carry was through the local market parking lot but everyone smiled and waved or maybe it was a chuckle and a wave!

Post coaching swim
These too are some of my favorites over the summer. I just had to hop in.
1500 yds

Warm up
2x100 Free/Breast

4x25 Butterfly (ooch, thanks bell work!)
4x25 Freestyle w/paddles
4x25 Breaststroke kick
4x25 Freestyle w/pull bouy

5x100 Freestyle on the 2:00
6x50 Breaststroke on the 1:15

Cool down
2x50 Freestyle Push/Pull

I am definitely done now ;). 
Plan to enjoy a nice juicy burger over herb greens, fresh tomatoes, artichoke taupenaude & sauerkraut!

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