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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Really?! Max Today?

Never letting the competition define you. 
Instead, you have to define yourself 
based on a point of view you care deeply about. 
-Tom Chappel
AM Swim
7am - 1000 yds

Really wanted to flush it out early today. Late afternoon workout yesterday left me tired a little worn out and sore, but not too much, just a little ;)! ... and I want to get in and hopefully lift in the evening. Super due for the 5x5 a full week and a half behind.

Warm up
1x100 Freestyle

4x50 Fly/Free
4x50 Back/Free
4x50 Breast
4x50 Free

1x100 Freestyle

Holding on the 5x5 work. This will fill in nicely plus based on CJ's annual CF programming for competition, this should be a rest and max test week. Getting with the program.

Warm up
10 PVC Walking lunges
10 PVC OHSquat
10 PVC Push jerk
100 Single unders (these are so fun and fast)

Work up to 1RM today for each:

  1. Snatch - 90 (match PR)
  2. Jerk - 115 (PR 125)
  3. Backsquat - 165 (match PR)

Total = 370

Well, max day, not PR day.

All is well and I have to get this into my thick skull. It is summer my training is different based on the coaching time I am on deck all morning. Additionally, I spent about 45 minutes in the dry sauna pre-work out. I thought maybe it was just the excuse I could use to get out of max lifting. I was tired from the day already, from the previous days workout. Funny thing happened,  I felt so much better, but am sure there was some post sweat impact. Plus, I could use some hydration (pay attention, so this doesn't come back and bite me/you in the glutes.

Voice in my head, "Pssst! Don't be unhappy with the numbers. Just be a smart athlete, jgirl!"

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