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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Really Resting

Aerobic Restoration
Trail trek - only one morning mile today. Just enough to loosen up. Not too stiff this morning, but some remaining bits of circulation seem to have a bit or soreness lingering. Is it food or just the muscle release or sleeping in an awkward position or emotions?

Time to start adding in a weekly bp/heart rate check.


Yoga morning a little Baron Baptiste style. I am really enjoying these during this rest week. Power yoga kept me away during my frenzied training at CF, finding a nice yin style has really brought me back to focus with my body, connected to mobility and truly I am finding restoration that is greatly needed.

Upper body massage/facial. Well, some feet included! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Now if I could just give up the chocolate covered espresso beans ;(.

I am finishing a modified cycling week.  CRON is something that I think those of us that are conscious to our health practice naturally, but I am looking at it in much more details these days. Measurements, tracking and, of course, more research ;). While a year of consideration for competition is all good, the overall goal is to test the limits and find that optimal level of health. This includes recovery and longevity. I am certain there is a fine balancing act here, true for myself as well as many of my clients. Most of whom are constantly in depletion and deficit.

Today my treat was to pull out my juicer and enjoy some Green Lemonade. A couple of days with this and I always find a little more rejuvenation in my step. This is really supporting my theme of restoration over the last week. I came across The BluePrint diet, which is a simple dimple, looks like a 3 day juice cleanse. While they have this nifty online option ... if you have a juicer and some sense, you can get this one done all by yourself. Good marketing though, from NY. That darn million dollar idea, keeps eluding me ;0! A nice leafy green juice base, very similar to the Green Lemonade, and a variety of 3 levels ... including a Master Cleanse(ish) juice, a beet based juice and a wonderful cashew/vanilla cinnamon kicker. Just might be enjoyable right before my 'biophoton' session ... energetic re-balancing thingy.

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