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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fitness Is Function

Sandbag, Kettlebell, Body-weight Workout:

Um, I need a sandbag. Thinking of the Vulcan Training System. Good weight range, I think most things I will do will be 40+ lbs on this. Today's work for men was 50# sandbag, so ... I subbed an Olympic bar and KB for appropriate movements.

Perform each mini circuit with no rest in between exercises and 1-2 minutes between circuits for set A, B, and C. Rest 30 seconds between each Happy Ending (HE) set.

A1: Kettlebell 1-Arm Press - 3-5 x 10ES
A2: Sandbag (Oly Bar 45#) Clean - 3-5 x 20
A3: Push Up - 3-5 x 20

B1: Kettlebell Squat - 3-5 x 10ES
B2: Sandbag (24kg KB, Sumo) Deadlift - 3-5 x 20
B3: Deck Squat - 3-5 x 20

C1: Kettlebell Half TGU - 3-5 x 10ES
C2: Sandbag (Myotatic Crunch) Sit Up - 3-5 x 20
C3: Alternating Limb Plank Hold - 3-5 x 60 sec (15 sec Rotation)

HE: Kettlebell 2-Hand Swing - 4 x 60 sec

3 RNDS for me today. This was a grinder of about 45 minutes once all was done! I don't usually time these workouts, so non-cfish, I know. 

Oh so good! I just love MMM. They always have something fun and challenging that is 'out of the box' and the new year-long program Fitness Is Function should continue to bring it. I was not motivated in the least to get in there and get some things done. My body is in a bit of revolt.

Catch up log here:
Felt fabulous on Friday, day off. Chomping at the bit and almost ran down to SJ to compete but I really felt I didn't earn it and the girls had a great time! I needed to get to my Aptos appt, listen to my body and take care. Regroup. But I am know the path back is going to be a bit painful. My whole body is in protest.

Saturday was a blast and the Moxie team workout was excellent. I miss Amy, my wod friend, and we had a blast team workout. I went Rx duration, swings and jumps, but kept the FS at Masters weight 75#. Box felt really good ;) that high, I was happy.
Workout of the day for Saturday 09/01/12:
For time (20 minute time cap) - We hit 17:31
  • 12 Burpees Novice/Masters- 10 Reps
  • 12 Front Squats (135lb/95lb) Novice/Masters- 10 Reps (115/75)
  • 12 Kettlebell Swings (32kg/24kg) Novice/Masters- 10 Reps (24/16)
  • 12 Box Jumps (30”/24”) Novice/Masters- 10 Reps (24/20)
  • Suicide Sprints 5 yards, 10 yards, 25 yards
Each team member will complete one round rotating between stations, when each team
member has done 1 round the first team member will run the suicides. For the first round this
will be the athlete that who started on the burpees. After that team member comes back the
team will again complete another round (starting at the same stations as round one) and then
the athlete who was on front squats will run. The workout will be completed after all 4
teammates have ran, and done 4 rounds.
Sunday, long trail walk (4 miles I did with my sis) still feeling fresh. I think the energy session and drive home on Monday just tanked me. No work allowed today. I was a cranky butt.

Tuesday was a nil. Too many work sessions.

Wednesday just skipped over me totally for the day, duties and more hill trekking. I taught my early KB class and we did a great little workout.

20 swings
20 push-ups
10 dead hang cleans each side
10 push press each side
10 lunges each side
10 thrusters
10 un-weighted Over Head squats
20 push-ups
20 swings

Workout: ladder 1-5, 5-1

Renegade row each side
Double swings
Get-up sit-up
Burpee star jump
Deck squats
I know that I should have started a full cycle for strength, but I did not plan well and the week is half over. However, evening Volleyball was pretty darn fun! Only made 2 matches, but talk about stretching out there...I think I even hit a dig! At the net, on the line and a nice run of serving. So ... not a total wash. A little rain and a crazy rainbow sunset made it kinda cool.

Today brought that life back into me. I LOVE KBs. Thank you for the rescue. I am looking forward to some rope climbs, more swinging and some other great CF metcon work tomorrow ;)! Damn ring dips, time to get at'em.

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