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Friday, September 7, 2012

Up & Out

Anxious for today's workout. Really wanting to work on both ring dips and rope climbs.

3 minutes partner volleyball
3 rounds:
10 ring rows
10 kick to handstand
200 meter row

Headstand Variations
10 minutes

For Time:
5 rope climbs/200 meter run
20 ring dips/200 meter run
40 kb swings/200 meter run
60 situps/200 meter run
40 kb swings/200 meter run
20 ring dips/200 meter run
5 rope climbs

Damn rope climbs ;) ~ left me hanging for 2 extra minutes on the last couple. BUT much happier with them. 

Lets' chat a bit about the RKC Snatch test. Goal:  to measure your base level of conditioning and overhead stability.

Reason: TSC Tactical Strength Challenge in October. Hmmm, not sure where my dead hang pull ups are, they were an easy set of 3 C2B for the skill set during the SacTown Throwdown, will have to check in. Sntaches, love love love, did the 100 rep test in 4 minutes with 12kg last week, so good there. DL, well, not sure I am at my 1RM anymore of 225# so, could use work there, some good old fashion Westside Barbell ME/DE. Who knows, might be fun.

A couple of training tips:
Applied Strength
Dragon Door

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