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Saturday, September 8, 2012

TSC Training begins ;)

October, here we come. Approximately 6 weeks of training for these strength exercises. A nicely laid out plan to compliment training and I am good to go.

TSC Training
KB Snatch - build up week 1
EMOM 10 min
5R/5L KB Snatch 12kg
Focus: Perfect form

Deadlift DE @50% 1RM
Westside barbell style
3 reps, 10 sets 45 second rest between
Focus: Speed

Deadhang pull up GTG practice
Well on these, I can do about 5 dead-hang chest to bar chin ups, (supinated grip), but have not had much luck with the true pull up (pronated grip). That kip is so much easier! Time to get out of my own way.

Thrilled that I got 1! Full extension. Now, keep that going girl! One here, one there, that's the way to grease the groove.

Ballistic Exercise & Sandbag Workout
Perform each mini circuit with no rest in between exercises. Rest 30 seconds between each Happy Ending (HE) set. I used 20# sandbag. Can't wait to get a real one! I liked the RXd but they have a minimum order, so will likely go with the Vulcan system which is actually more versatile. I was hoping to combine and Indian Club order with it, but ... still looking.

3 RNDs
A1: Sandbag Half Moon Snatch  x 20 used a medball here
A2: Sandbag Half TGU x10ES
B1: Side Handle Clean x 20  had to double clean these using two 10# sandbags
B2: Sandbag 360  x 10ES - cool!
C1: Sandbag Snatch  x 20
C2: Sandbag Sit Up x 20
D1: Sandbag Squat Press  x 20 same double
D2: Sandbag Gladiator Hold x 30sec ES
HE: Sandbag Shouldering - 4x60sec

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