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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trio Tracking

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each others life. ~ RICHARD BACH

Did I really sleep in? Yeah!

Feeling pretty beat up from Friday. Went one round of the following. I really felt like I needed to keep moving or I would stiffen up like crazy but 3 -5 full rounds would have flattened me!

Perform each mini circuit with no rest in between exercises and 1-2 minutes between circuits for set A, B, and C. Rest 30 seconds between each Happy Ending (HE) set.

A1: Sandbag Half Moon Snatch -  x 20
A2: Sandbag Half TGU -  x 10ES

B1: Side Handle Clean -  x 20
B2: Sandbag 360 -  x 10ES

C1: Sandbag Snatch -  x 20
C2: Sandbag Sit Up -  x 20

D1: Sandbag Squat Press -  x 20
D2: Sandbag Gladiator Hold  x 30sec ES

HE: Sandbag Shouldering - 4x60sec

Enjoyed my morning trail walk ;)! Nice morning upper body massage, really needed to work out the kinks from so much pulling since Wed. 

Bio-photon focus, no exercise allowed before scanning :( and long ride in the car. Still got in a little ditty after I got home.

5 RNDs
Suicide sprints on bball court - free throw/half/full whose idea was that?? hehehe
KB Snatch 5 R/L - getting in that endurance training for TSC.

A little volleyball bumping and practice right after.

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