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Monday, September 24, 2012

Sumo Style

Started the day feeling tired and fatigued. But decided to get in the gym and do the work with what I've got! Keep moving forward. Yesterday was a full rest day, so not sure what the deal is.

2 mile trail trek to get the hips warmed up and circulation

Week 2, Day1

Low Bar Squat (&flexibility)
5x3 - 135
I did not find these easy. 1RM was at 165 but I am quite fatigued today so felt 135 was adequate to work with. Gym has mirrors everywhere but none where you can see depth.

Flexibility support - yes, these will be important, especially with the conditioning work tonight.
Sumo Deadlift
10x3 - 175, dropped last 2 sets to 165 - fatigue
I don't think that I am leaving enough rest time between sets. I really like this lift.
Might have been a good day to try out a belt.

Good mornings 45#bar 10,8,8,8
Really fatigued. 
Go home and eat.

10 minutes handstand work

KB Assist 3RNDs
Late morning work
A1: 1-Arm Overhead Sit Up -  x 10ES   
A2: Hanging Leg Raise -  x 10-20
B1: Racked Kettlebell Sit Up -  x 10ES
B2: Hanging L-Sit Kick Out -  x 10-20
C1: 2-Hand Overhead Sit Up -  x 20
C2: Hanging L-Sit Twist - x 20
HE: Knee Touch Plank - 4-60sec

Conditioning tomorrow with group.

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