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Friday, October 5, 2012

Quick & Dirty

We acquire the strength we have overcome.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

EMOM 10 minutes 65#

Hang Clean/Jerk w/20 second hold at the top, tired from misreading yesterday ... didn't need to do OH on the lunges, so arms a bit tired. Holding at the top was a challenge.
@ 95# x5

Form, form, form...

Quick & Dirty Core work
3RNDs for me on this one - pretty darn fun ;)
A1: Sledgehammer 360 - x 10ES
A2:  Sledgehammer 10-2 - x 10ES
B1:  Ring Push Up - x 20 TRX
B2:  Lawnmower Extension - x 10ES  TRX these were kinda cool!
C1:   Front Juggle - 3-5 x 20 @8kg
C2: Across Juggle - 3-5 x 10ES @4kg

1 mile run cool down

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