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Monday, December 17, 2012

Pure, Joy!

Lately posting feels like a 'tick tock'! Where does the time go. Will post up last weeks work in a bit.

Moving right along to the work.

Alternative workout, still close to L2 Training today. I am on the hill and no spotter ... so, with multiple peeps telling me they are getting hurt doing BS ... I am taking precaution and doing an alt workout today rather than max. Similar, but with the bells, supports all aspects of my training, still alternate as a strength piece.

So as not to omit the movement:

Warm Up
Barbell Backsquats

Metcon will get done at CFA tomorrow. Yay Atlas Stones!


Lower Body Emphasis Kettlebell Workout #3 Instructions:

For set A, no rest between exercises and 30 sec rest between circuits. For sets B/C, no rest between exercises and 30 sec rest between circuits. For the Happy Ending (HE) set, rest 15 secs between sets.
A1: Double Kettlebell Front Squat - 2 x 8, 16kg - these are coming along nicely!!
A2: Jump Squat w/Knee Tuck - 2 x 10
A3: Kettlebell Wall Sit - 2 x 60 sec. 16kg
B1: Kettlebell Clean from Ground - 2 x 10ES, 16kg
B2: Double Kettlebell Clean - 2 x 10, 16kg
C1: Alt Double Kettlebell 1-Leg Deadlift - 2 x 10ES, 16kg - thought these would be light, but, I was feeling the last sets.
C2: Double Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift - 2 x 10, 20kg - wanted to increase weight but couldn't keep them even. stayed.
HE: 1-Hand Swing - 4 x 30 sec ES, 24kg - so much harder than I thought it would be. post work I suppose, fatigued.
Overall, NICE! I DO LOVE THESE! Felt like a treat. Yes, the bells are my holiday gift to myself ~

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