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Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Starts Off Strong!

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. 
But I can't accept not trying. 
~ Michael Jordan

It's the first Saturday of 2013 and you will be trying out for the SacTown Throwdown! Sometimes you just have to show up and just do what is laid out in front of you. 


WOD 1:
5 minutes to establish 1RM atlas stone to shoulder  Just work on technique.


Had the darn 97# up but thought I could drop and regrip, no grip left! Should have just taken it all the way first time! All good. Now on the list to work on.

WOD 2 (immediately following WOD 1):
2 minute AMRAP power clean (75#)

28 reps - felt good, easy, keep working on speed here

WOD 3 (15 minute time cap):
for time-
30 deck squats
30 pullups
30 handstand pushups -
And here is where I find epic fail. Though it felt good to work on these with pretty much no pressure. I was within an inch half a dozen times. Darn abmat ... crutch ;). Time to remove and move ahead.
:30 l sit hold
30 ring dips
30 toes to bar
:30 handstand hold
10 muscle ups

WOD 4:
for time-
1 mile run
3 rounds: 10 shoulder to overhead (185/115)
100 m barbell carry (145/95)
Ok. This was a hard WOD at the end of the day for me. Had to clean and jerk each rep above, this was so much more effort that just shoulder to overhead.
1 mile run -
time cap 30 minutes, no last run for me, I was thankful.

Lost my voice halfway into the day ... hmmm. It was cold cold cold. I don't think that even with the load of work I broke a sweat. 

Home and epsom salt bathed ... head pressure, crud, felt awful. Sleep was not even peaceful. I knew I was on the edge a bit of feeling my immune system low a few days earlier. Now that I can let down post holiday, it was not time to get sick!

Now, key thing is to take care of myself. A simple easy  to digest dinner, lots of tea and lemon. Reset my mind with a physical 'upgrade' meditation and look forward to a good day tomorrow!

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