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Monday, January 7, 2013

Just Show Up

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other. 
~Abraham Lincoln

Still in recovery mode. Upper body is wicked sore. Came down for the 10am team workout and they went for 9am instead ... so, took advantage of some skills work, yes ... HSPU and did the Press work, light, oooch. Focus was on elbows forward from press to jerk. I really felt the crunch (and have the darn bruise badge) on those shoulder to overhead. Cleaning each one was stinky! And made for so much extra work.

Lunch was welcome even though it was in my car while doing some online work. Hey! Sometimes you have to be prepared and mobile! Beef over miracle noodles with sliced grape tomato and onion, simple! Too cold for lettuce  today ... hey it happens!

Evening work, now that the KB class has moved to Monday night, I was a little skeptical of my participation but once warmed up it was a dream as usual.

5 RNDs
5 push up
10 Myotatic crunch
100 swing warm up

Skill TGU - 5 minutes

Workout: 1 round
45 seconds work/ 15 seconds rest/prepare for next round
Always start from a standing position:

1) Over head lunge (R)
2) Over head lunge (L)
3) Swings
4) Goblet squat
5) T-position (kneeling windmill (R)
6) T-position (kneeling windmill (L)
7) Swings
8) Goblet squat
9) Get up to palm (get up sit up to hand) (R)
10) Get up to palm (get up sit up to hand) (L)
11) Swings
12) Goblet squat
13) Full TGU (R)
14) Full TGU (L)
15) Swings
16) Goblet squat
17 Around the World R
18) Around the World L
19) Swings
20) Goblet Squat

Total swings for day ... 400 = 2600 cumulative reps for January challenge

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