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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


We struggle with the complexities to avoid the simplicities. 
~Norman Vincent Peale

A little post Tabata trauma this morning. Not too bad, but between the GHD in yesterday's work set and the evening sit ups those snatches took all I had to hold up from the squat @max. OHSquat felt great, Snatch Balance, need to do that more often, confidence of movement. Denny would be happy with the hip xtn, felt that bar fly up.

Skill WOD
Snatch Complex
10 RNDs
Power Snatch/Snatch Balance/OHSquat/Squat Snatch
Max @65#

5x5 Backsquat 3 second pause at the bottom

10x2 Deadlift w/band, okay these were pretty fun ;)!
Resistance tube/band (20-24# I think)  95/125/145/165/185/195/195 - goodness/185/165

Barbell Good Morning 3x10 45#
Farmer Carry 20kgx2/50M slow walk

Guess I don't know about the 100# rule or at least was not paying attention. But I am excited that I have my pack ready for some slamball action this week!

I called Uncle today. Yesterday I added in a late V02 Max (planned) followed by Tabata (unplanned) workout of  swings@20kg/push/squat/sit, loved it, but I can tell my adrenals were in a spin into the weeee hours of the morning. I will pick up training tomorrow. Too much in one session with the metcon. I really enjoyed training weights in the evening though. Early metcon, work, work, extra trip, work, work on the other side, train, coach, enjoy the family. That'll be it in a nutshell. Sometimes we call it life ;)!

20 Burpees

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