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Thursday, February 14, 2013


"Move because it's joyful. 
Move because it's your birthright and your body loves it. 
Move because you *can*" 
- Krista Scott-Dixon

The Sweetheart Pack ~
4am wake up call - yikes
Sleep was terrible. I am not sure I actually got any. Late return home from coaching always leaves me a little fired up, hubby coughing like crazy, all night, yep, right until what seemed to be the moment I got up. Nice.

Coffee had minimal impact today. Almond butter licks for a quick bfast as nothing sounded good. Head in to coach the dawn patrol. Then ... in the quiet moments of the morning ...

Warm up
5 Cargo net climbs
20 Man on fire burpees
20 D-ball Sumo deadlift
Run 200

Conditioning from D3
Row 2K 8:57

Handstands no wall

Four Sisters Omelet = yum!
Just not feeling right to do any strength. Pushed off until Friday. Will warm up with the Clean complex and consider Diane before Snatch work. Body is beat today and still have a load to carry. Things to contemplate on this week's programming, I know my body will tell me.

Coach is up, next class ... great to see everyone actually get into a great place with this workout.

Rest 3 hours

Conditioning D4
40 minutes, Max distance
Rucksack carry @50#
4700 = almost 3 miles, just not quite! But I did have to walk back with the load after time expired ;)!

I could eat a double of something!! Dinner is pulled pork squished between crisscross potatoes and apple/cinnamon delight! Wine is in order!! 

Feel great! What a mental workout. Pace was excellent for me and the load. First time I have worn running shoes in a long time. Not sure they were the best choice.

Talk about CRASH! It hit me, but ... lights out at the end of the day! Nice.

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