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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wrap it Around

Work, work, work ... good day for work.
Bad day to leave me jonsing for a wod. I had planned on finishing my week with Diane, but it was a no-go. Too much cycling, sometimes it works out like that. No upside downs today.

Kid pick up delayed, went for the MonekeyBarGym workout. It is my goal this year to get the 24kg over my head with a Clean & Press. StrongFirst! Starting with the MBG tactic. This method is suppose to be very effective. I will start this off as either a warm up or finisher 2x a week. It is time to get it done. I have dubbed the 20kgs my new workout partners. I will incorporate them regularly into my week.

MBG 15/15
Clean & Press strict
10 minutes DBL 8kg
15s work, 15s rest

I was surprised at how fatigued I felt at around 7 minutes with the weight being relatively light. But DBLs ... new effort longer duration.

Off - had a great plan, fun KB wod, but the gym didn't open until 10 and we were off for Tahoe by 11, so ... sacrifice ;)~ and this workout will be a blast next week!

Snow trekk!! Great day for fresh air a nice walk in what little snow is left in the mtns. The sno-pak was actually really full and not too crowded.

Just digging in for it today. Didn't get out of the house too early. Weather kicking up. Chores, work to finish up. Get in to town and get moving.

  • 5 minutes DBL Unders - feel good, control, breathing regulated
  • EMOTM 5 minutes Squat Snatches @60% (50#), even these felt good. Landing solid.

Snow day! Whoa! Needed to cut things short. Will do lifts tomorrow. Need to sub the MUs anyway.

  • Finished up with MBG 15/15 DBLs @8kg - I really like this work. Good form, just as challenging as it was the first time around! Let's see where it goes.

Nutrition plan:
Yes, it is time to start taking a strong look. All is very clean, but I need to eat more! The scale in Rsvl might be a distraction, last week I managed to lose a couple of lbs. Building, building, building. I am shooting for .8g of protein per lb of LBM. Last week felt strong. This week, I am tired off schedule and not off to as good of start as I wanted, but will get into the groove ;)!

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