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Friday, February 22, 2013

Sometimes You Just Have to DO

Knowing is not enough; We must apply. Willing is not enough; We must do. ~ Goethe

Sounds a bit crazy and yes, I repeat, YES! I had other things to do today! But I somehow made it to 3 different gyms to complete my training day.

I sometimes do not have what feels like the necessary time to get in this L2 training. But some days just flow I guess. This training week has been tough on the trail of last weeks programming. Holiday already threw the schedule off for me and on Tuesday I woke up feeling sore. Was it catching up to me? Last week I should have been barreled over but I just kept on going and felt amazing!

Hmmm, so today, I knew that I needed to get in and catch up on a couple of wods. I opted out of  Monday. Just know that I need a partner for that motivation. I did the lifts on Wednesday but the AMRAP and metcon, still in the wings. So:



9 rope climbs


20 Floor Press 75
20 Push Press 85
20 Push Jerk 95/85

Deadlift 5x5 @ 205 max lift

Think I could have gone up again, but holding here.


So tired today. Woke up and started with a meditation, 5 minutes. Going to work a 40 day something or another during the open and trying out a few things first. Thought about a 20 minute sun salutation yoga session. Moved on.

Shoulders feeling yesterday and damn busy with work. Day off. Not by plan, but my plan was to wait until the evening to get my session in and, well, there was just no way that was going to happen. By 4:30 I needed a 20 minute eye rest and still had to get to bball practice and the gym on the way home wasn't going to happen. Sprints in the dark, buzz ... be flexible and move on.

Nutrition wise, craving sugar like crazy! WTH?! Just went for a whole bar on the chocolate, Dagoba dark, didn't even hit the spot. Whipped cream, nope, minneola, good but not there, almond butter, eh. Hmmm, body wants something, but too tired to care today. Hot tea and bed.


Good training day! Feeling back on track energetically. Sticking with the 5 minute meditation for the week. Still no yoga, but can see how adding this in when I first wake up is going to be excellent once I get motivated.


Skill WOD
FS holds@75
MBG 15/15 - really liking this! Stayed at Dbl 8kgs. Still felt it in the last 2 minutes. 


Sprints fun


Bar MU practice  - happy to say that I felt it! Went low off the box for a big swing back and out and didn't revert to kip or T2B form. My brain is rewiring. Thank you God.

Skill WOD
EMOTM 10 - 3 Candlestick to Deck squat, 3 dive forward roll

Swim wod 1850 yds

Joy to be in the pool again. Sun was out, it was good!

Hungry - I am going to feed that sugar beast with some almondbutter/coconut cookies. Earned.

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  1. way to beast the swim, J!!! love reading your mind go back and forth between training, eating, rest. good knack for balance :-)