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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

All Natural ~

One must know oneself. 
If this does not serve to discover truth, 
it at least serves as a rule of life and there is noting better. 
~ Blaise Pascal

Oh! Wednesday! What can I create in my world today? StrongBody, ClearMind, FreeSpirit!

Woke up groggy but grateful for a full night of sleep. Belly swelling from yesterday is gone. Must have eaten something over these last couple of weeks that has really irritated my system. What is going on with this biobody?! Time to get my scan on and check in with my own physiology.  

I am not feeling overly adjusted after a week, so ... don't let things slide too far out of range. I am, however, excited about today's workout.  Morning stuffed with work. Carved out a good time for L2,D2 though.


Row 1k
Snatch warm up Coach B style ;)


10RNDs Complex at 50% 1RM 65#

  • deadlift, 
  • power clean, 
  • hang squat clean, 
  • push jerk and
  • jerk 

10RNDs Press Complex @ 95% 1RM (Rx) however I am using 55# today - rebuild overhead

  • 1 Press
  • 3 Push Press
  • 5 Push Jerk
Assist work
Ring Dips 5 x max 5,6,5,4,6

GHD 3x20 - love this one
400 meter over head carry 75#, steady around the corners :)

Hello Nature Bowl. Work and work done, now time to hang with my sweetie girl. The competition is coming up and the venue is going to be a good one. 

Seriously, what better teacher than Nature ~

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