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Sunday, March 10, 2013

ReDO (kinda)

When things do not go our way ... focus on what we can do to take charge of our lives ...
~ Mike Mahler, Live Life Aggressively

So, on the heels of a lot of conversations with myself, today's work was they way to move forward. The Chicago Way, you must be prepared to 'go all the way'. Get back in the gym and do the movements. 

Site note: I do wonder why it is that I can get two 16kg KBs over my head when just as tired as I was with a 75# barbell?! Almost more importantly, why do I care here? An off day is an off day, this year I said one and done. I hucked up 30 of these suckers last week, not after burpees but, I am still a little crushed here. 

After much contemplation and a fair amount of unfortunate language ... I have to consider both technique and just as importantly, coaching, someone has to  look and be willing to tell me when I am blowing it, recover and get to it. Before the wod, after the wod, not during the wod. Multiple people telling what to do or change every failed attempt was chaotic. While I am appreciative of the input, because I know I was desperately in need, my panties were in a huge wad and I was shut down. I needed serious focus. High emotion with no one to check me. It was not a good receiving time. I had nothing to fall back on except my own internal chatter and it was running me, no cues, no process, no reset. Better change something here. 

Finishing the week (7) out

Run .5 mile
Honestly, that's all I felt like. I needed an attitude check.

Accumulate 5 min in bottom of OHS @ 45# bar - this felt good ;) w/ a little Crue 

Accumulate 5 min in Handstand - both freestyle (coming along!) and on wall

Olympic Lifts
15 minute cap
So, in light of yesterdays fail on the 75# snatch, I felt that it was important to take a step back and start working up again. I am in the process of soliciting some fresh eyes, none available for me today. I used 75# as my max for today's work. The smaller weights are awkward from below the knee so I did them from the hang until I could add the larger sized bumpers.

15 hang snatch @ 60% - 45

12 hang snatch @ 70% - 55
 9 hang snatch @ 80% - 60
 6 hang snatch @ 90% - 65
 3 power snatch @ 100% - 75 yep, they went up, only 3 I realize, but ... it is more than zero

Clean & Jerks @ 75# 20 reps - All good. Wish I had the time for finishing them.


7 minute AMRAP
Run 250
10 KB Swing
10 Burpees

I just did 3 RNDs not on the clock. 

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