When I'm in my groove there is no thinking. Everything just happens. ~Ozzie Smith

Thursday, March 21, 2013


The solution is to train your brain into being able to see and understand 
symbols, images and energy patterns 
and to remember them naturally. 
~ True Earth Associations

Ok, doesn't happen often, but crud, not now, feel good NOW! Late clients for the morning ;). Thought it was going to be a day off and a nice long dry sauna to sweat out the ook. But not what happened ...

Luckily had some fantastic coaching from Denny and whoa, I got over the rings for MU but really low in the dip which I couldn't get out of. Freakin' yay! I still call that success, considering ... ;). Two PRs this week and some solid work. Squat snatch coming along. Happy. Now for a little fun, yes?

BIG hips, big pop. Dream about it tonight, do it tomorrow!

Get Some ~

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