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Sunday, March 3, 2013


There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, 
and that's your own self. 
~Aldous Huxley

Yes, please. Personal responsibility. Take it. Start now.

Today I was thrilled to see a post from a client of mine who is ON FIRE, in a good way! He has taken the bull by the horns and just stepped up to his potential. Quality of life! He came in to see me to take a baseline on what was going on in his body and get some direction on the best approach to his goals. He has since taken that combined with a strong conviction to EXCELLENCE and what amazing results. Bravo! 

Each one of us has it within us. Dust off those cobwebs and dig a little in to the muck. What is one thing that you could be doing? It starts with you! It doesn't have to be rocket science, it might just be to change one lifestyle (eat.move.breath) habit or actually listen to someone/exhibit real compassion or take a mental health day and chill/self-restoration. 

If you don't pay attention, no one else will. 
If you aren't willing to expect better in your life, no one else will. 
If you are perfect, damn, send me the recipe ;). 
Thoughts become things in this world. Get to it ;)!

On that note
Stepping back from the frenzy of life and schedules, I am trying to find my rhythm. Notice I didn't say balance? The seasons are on their way to change, the being adapts in body, mind and spirit. This is my area of personal work. Cram, cram, cram all week. My life is not a good schedule flow. Sundays I have found are a great opportunity to snuggle, enjoy nature with no timeline and add a side of bell work. While I worked diligently on the schedule and I found that I was constantly failing at keeping it. So, being more forgiving and flexible, I have come to enjoy not trying to squeeze it all in. Saturdays were really tough trying to fit in the group WODs, between work and family and just overall timing of things. Anyone else have this challenge? Now, if I can, great. If not, I allow myself time on Sunday to play, no strings attached, with effort.

Effort for today
Rest/recovery week is always a little skiddish for me. I don't want to dig in hard, but certainly want something with a little zing when it comes to my workouts. What to do, what to do. I know exactly what to do ;). Not feeling the warm and fuzzy of the sun that was out these last couple of days, my start was apprehensive. Mistro ... today I chose to dig in with Fight Club and in place of my MBG 15/15 take on a few extra reps and two more movements. 

Warm up
3 RNDs
20 Russian twists
5 Get up sit ups
5 T2B

Work - Wavey
DBL Strict Press/DBL Squat/Pull up
DBL 8kg

5,4,3,2,1 - feeling breezy
5,4,3,2,2 - finished up with kipping pull ups
5,4,3,3,2 - halfway thru, shoulders are screaming! strict, NO ppress
5,4,4,3,2 - focus on breathing, the difference with this and 15/15 is no rest
5,5,4,3,2 - sweat and victory, I was planning on some heavy bag work, but I'll pass

This was deceiving on the board. Water please~ I needed it. Hydration check this week.

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