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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Back in the Swing

“Nothing happens until something moves.” 

Run 1 mile
I realized the Bay to Breakers is this weekend, better get a few little runs in before Saturday ;) Jumped on the Paleo Solution podcast with Joel Jamison!

Warm up
10 minutes
1 minute plank
10 MedHvy DBL DL - 24kg
10 MedHvy Swing - 24kg

Not really feeling a skill today.
Missed yesterday's workout and bummed. Too many days off.
First day of Swim Clinic and I coached for a long but fun 3 hours ;).

Ate late, woke up feeling tight but as the am went on I felt sluggish not good and flowing.
I really needed a metcon burner today. But not on the menu, nor did I want to decide what to do. So stuck with the plan and did some med/heavy work.

Omega had me only at Good for Readiness ... hmmm showing insignificant stress but fatigued with an incomplete recovery ... reserves at moderate. Need to do more study of findings as a pattern develops.

2 RNDs
1-5 ladder
KB Pushup on bell
Renegade Row
1 leg DL @24kg

2-10 ladder
Myotatic Crunch w/10lb med ball
DBL swing
Barbell squat

These always are so much more work than I anticipate ;). Loved it though. Broke at 8 reps and up on the ladder. Just getting my butt kicked.

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