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Sunday, May 5, 2013

DBL the Love

... keep a balance in your life, 
acknowledge the great powers around us and in us. 
~ Euripides 

R 1 mi

Handstand Holds/Walk Accumulated - 5 min max effort
Really seeing improvement here ;) in overall balance, walking, well a few 'steps' strung together makes me happy right now.

Function - Inner Thigh "Love"
5 RNDs
w/yoga block held @ inner thigh (low)
15 Russian twist w/bell
10 Overhead squat w/pvc
5 Walk out to downward dog

Precision for keeping the block in place and form solid was the key to this warm up.  I thought I would only go 3 rounds at first but this was well worth the 5 round effort.

Work - DBL Tainted Love
5 Toes to Bar (T2B)
5 DBL Clean/Press to Burpee w/push on KB
5 DBL Swing to Snatch
5 DBL  Shoulder bridge press alt each side
5 DBL Reverse rack lunge each side
25 DBL unders ;)


Felt absolutely fantastic. I love the workouts where I am spent but more energized when I am done.  

Kept this one light and fast @DBL 8kg. Really had to watch balance on burpee/push up. Since I woke up feeling a little Saturday love lingering and I didn't have DBL 12kgs, it was a sign. Fast and fun ~

For my ETP(ers)
Slept in 7:30am
AM Coffee only not BP
WOD fasted (10:30am)
PWOD shake 1:1 (11:30am)
Lunch w/PWO carbs (1pm)

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