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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lone Girl

Every view of the world that becomes extinct, 
every culture that disappears, 
diminishes a possibility of life. 
~ Octavio Paz

Thank you Primally Inspired!
5RNDs @ 8kgs

  • 2 DBL Clean
  • 1 DBL Press
  • 3 DBL Front Squat

3x :30 hang from rings


  • 25 C2B Pull ups
  • 25 KB Overhead Swings @16kg
  • 25 DBL Unders
  • 25 Overhead Squat @65#

Just jumping right in. Took two days rest, unintentionally, sometimes it just works out that way. Life. Schedules. Timing. So, I was ready to play.

This was suppose to be a partner workout. I can see why. I certainly had to take rest in between rotations and a partner could have made this so much more fun and motivating. C2B ended up being 10, then 10 bfly then 5 kipping. Everything else as prescribed.

At least the open gym atmosphere made the day. Chill and chat for a few, then pick up the bar and work in my Elizabeth 'weight'. Enjoyed this!


  • Power Clean @75#
  • Ring dip


So, the concept of using a weight that you can finish on of the Girls in a competitive time is, in my book, a fantastic motivator. The feel it, own it, do it right so you can do it faster and heavier ... mantra! The cleans felt so fast and easy. Next time I do this I will go up in weight and see if I can beat this time.

Coffee BP
B-Tropical muffin 10:30am
WOD 11:30am
PWOD shake 1:1
Lunch beef w/sm.carb 2pm
Dinner paleo chicken 6pm
 Snack 8:30pm

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