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Friday, May 17, 2013

Swing, Flip, Lift ... Repeat ~

Warm up (Anywhere X adapted)
10 tire flips
10 KTE
10 Pike to push up on KB (feet on tire)

21:31 - a little longer than the normal warm up, much more like a workout!

Great work, round 7 was where I broke ... but the last couple of rounds I was able to rally and get it done.

Skill (L2, but hanging tough, working on KB strength & less structured for the next couple of weeks)
Hand-stand hold in parking lot.  3 minutes of attempts - getting much better
Talk dirty to me!!

Heavy KB Swings sets - DBL @ 24kg
Feel the weight, tighten up the form.

Oh yeah, I was looking forward to this.

5 DL 135#
AMRAP Burpees - work is done when 100 burpees are done.

40DL/100 Burpees ;) I did not keep track of time, too busy breathing!
Holy moly, I LOVE THIS STUFF ~

While coaching the evening classes I had the joyful opportunity to join in a 200# 3 man sled push/pull for 1 mile!  Rope climbs. Assist work at it's finest.

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