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Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Little AnywhereX

First swim meet of the summer was a full morning at the pool! Kids swimming, parents cheering, coaches all over the deck! Fun, exhausting, exciting. The team is double in size this year and we are really looking forward to kicking things up.

This left training to a metcon today. I was going to try to squeeze it in after yesterdays lift but it was not meant to be. So perfect finish to the week. Instead of the L2 conditioning I had a hankering for the AnywhereX Friday workout. However, equipment restrictions gave me the opportunity to sub a few things and it was a blast!

Warm up

Row 500

Indian Club set
2 RNDs done on the tire for core stability
Arm circles front/back/each side
Cleans each side
Alternating Shield

Dive right in! :)
10 Pull up on rope from ground - just not high enough to climb the belt in Cool ... yet!
20 Pull ups
30 MedHeavy KB Swings @20kg
40 Tire flips - just watch for rattlers
50 KTE (did T2B yesterday, shake it up a bit)

It went so fast... 14:37 and I was spent. Looking forward to next week's training. Fun times ahead!

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