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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Slow and Steady

~Ayn Rand

Moving so fast this week. It seems like a hundred balls in the air. I am feeling in flow with them all :)~

I have to admit, I finally have experienced a true, non reactive moment this past weekend. Looking at things without judgement, without fear, without reaction, but in true observation and response.

As things continue to move, the universe is charging full steam ahead. I am continuing on with L2 training and am excited about this upcoming week. All seems to be fine and I am tracking my HRV which I think is making a significant difference. That and the fact that we are on a 3x week, 2 a days. So plenty of time for 'rest'.

Pool deck is wonderful! I do love the season. Kids are progressing so quickly this year!

Today was an early coaching day for CF, so that 4am wake up call ... I just couldn't hang and woke up too early. Trying to cut down on the coffee intake, I didn't want to jump right in. A little wee hours reading and back on schedule.  Morning classes were fun and I was jonsing for my Day1.

Scorpion Transitions

3 Toes 2 Rings
2 Skin the Cat
1 Back Roll to Support - no bueno ... these need work
2 Skin the Cat
3 Toes 2 Ring

Hand care! Don't delay.

Back squat (should have been box squat but no spotter, so went rougue)
3x3, 3x2, 3x1 - 123/143/163 173f - had to try

Deadlift w/band - went purple today, hard
10x2 - Max set @155

Straight into the Assist Work
3 Rounds For Completion
6 Squat cleans @85#
5 Atlas Stone to Shoulder @75#
10 Glute Ham Raises - I am so happy these have become easier, I remember when I couldn't get one!

Coach time! Eat time! Head up to the hills and finish with a quick met con on the property

Thruster @ 45#(no Wall Ball)
Pull up
Push up - not sure I was going to get through these baby's! So done ~

Pushed through it all. I know that I have the capacity here. Take these things in stride. Listen to my body. Feed it well. Be smart. Do it right, then fast, then heavy - reoccurring mantra.

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